Gutyrya Vyacheslav Volodimirovich

Born in 1960. Since 1983 V.Gutyrya has been taking part in art exhibition, and in 1990 he was admitted to the Union of Ukranian artists.

1989 - Soviet symposium of sculptors, Chernigiv; First Prize
1991 - Exhibition in Canada, Vancouver
1992 - Exhibition in France, Paris
1993 - Hungary (Budapest, Mashonmodjarovar)
1995 - Germany (Verkstadt)
1996 - The Unranian Fine Arts Museum, Kyiv
1999 - Triennial of Ukrainian sculpture, Kyiv
2000 - Contest "Painters of Sea-scapes 2000", Odessa; first Prize for sculptures

Some pieces of work are being kept in private collections in many countries as well as in the Ukrainian Museum of Vancouver - his "Veles" and in the Fine arts museum of Kyiv - his "A horse-woman".

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