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     Man - steppe, man - grass, man - history. Vyacheslav - sculptor.

   He is in his element given wood, stone, and clay. They are his realm.
   Twisted like tongues of the flame or stalks of steppe grass, his sculptures are screwing into the firmament and cool the heart evoking old myths and legends from non-existence. Sinuous bodies of Amazons are akin to waving grass. Twisted by the hard hand of a savage warrior - Scythian into a tight spiral, the steed is a response living in the earth. The sculptures have got still in the state of rising or transition to a new existence. They became one in loving aspiration falling into peaceful roundish forms which symbolize goodwill.
   Vyacheslav gives rise to the energy of admiration and intellectual favourability of the land where he lives. The notion of province or out-of-the-way place is alien to him. His restless questing mind penetrates through thousands of years. Like God he returns the lost soul of his land from the darkness of the underground kingdom to life and memory.
   Gutyrya's sculptures unmistakably are the fiery whirlwind that drives away evil. They are true guards of steppe people.

Alexander Lyapin

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